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30 Juli 2021




Please join us for our upcoming webinar, Fake News Disruptions: On Media Library Convergence: Critical Reflections

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Title: Fake News Disruptions on Media – Library Convergences: Critical Reflections


Alexander Madanha Rusero: Lecturer of International Relations, Politics and Journalism


Department of Humanities

International Relations Unit

Emails: ruseroa@africau.edu/ arusero@yahoo.com

Cell:- +263773282725 (Zimbabwe)

+263717937221 (Whatsapp)

Alexander Rusero is a Lecturer of International Relations, Politics and Journalism. He received his BSc in Political Science and MSc in International Relations from the University of Zimbabwe,

followed by a BA in Media Studies from Zimbabwe Open University, a National Diploma in Mass Communication (Print Journalism) with Harare Polytechnic and

a Diploma in Labour Relations with the Institute of People Management Zimbabwe (IPMZ) as a well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Humanitarian Work with the University of Zimbabwe.

He has taught in several institutions in Zimbabwe including Harare Polytechnic, Zimbabwe Open University and Africa University. Rusero is an author of 10 academic textbooks and

several peer-reviewed book chapters and journal papers related to media, democracy and human rights, international relations and foreign policy, regional integration and

emerging discourses of Africa – Asia relations as well as pan-Africanism and Decoloniality. He was the Lead Researcher on International Relations for the first-ever

Africa Fact Book Project that was commissioned by the African Union, where he was in charge of profiling the international and diplomatic relations of the 55 African States from

the pre-colonial to the post-colonial contemporary era. His notable recent publications include: Post-Mugabe Era and Feasibility of Regime Change in Zimbabwe (2020);

Moulding African Personality Through Reclaiming Physical and Intellectual Space (2020); Media, Libraries, and Archives: Unearthing the Missing Link (2019);

SADC Regional Integration versus the disintegration of states – A Revisit to the EU-South Africa Trade Development Cooperation Agreement (TDCA) (2019);

Exploring the Relationship between the Media, Libraries and Archives (2018); the University of Eswatini Module in Introduction to Political Science (2018); Connecting the Past and the Future:

Memory Institutions Facilitating Access to Information in Zimbabwe (2017); Harare Polytechnic Module in Zimbabwe’s History - Pre-colonial to present (2017); Leveraging Memory Institutions to

Preserve Indigenous Knowledge in the Knowledge Age (2016); Challenges and Opportunities for re-enforcing Pan African Movement in the Advent of Globalization (2016); Towards parabiotic partnerships

for access and discovery: Leveraging access to e-content within the framework of library consortia in Zimbabwe (2016); Harare Polytechnic Module in International Relations (2016);

A Practical Guide to News Writing (2014); Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising (2011); Media, Democracy and Development: Critical Reflection (2011). Rusero is also an independent research consultant

having rendered such services to Government, NGOs, INGOs and private companies. Rusero recently completed a PhD in International Relations with the University of Pretoria.

ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5700-8711

Hellen Amunga

 Hellen Amunga (PhD)

Lecturer, Department of Library & Information Science

Faculty of Arts, University of Nairobi

Member, UNESCO/IFAP Working Group on the preservation of information.

Advisor International Center for Information Ethics (ICIE)

Joint Secretary, International Association of Research Scholars (IARS)

Hellen Amunga, PhD
Hellen Amunga currently teaches at the Department of Library and Information Science at the University of Nairobi. She chairs the Department’s Grants and Fundraising Committee; and the Research, Conferences and

Publications Committee. She holds a beneficiary of the Indian Center for Cultural Relations PhD Scholar in Library and Information Science from Kerala University. She also possesses a Master of Education (Library &

Information Science) and Bachelor of Education (Library Studies and Kiswahili) degree, both from Kenyatta University. Prior to her joining the University of Nairobi, Hellen was a career Teacher Trainer at college and university

levels. She previously worked as Lecturer and e-Learning Coordinator for the School of Education, Kenyatta University; and as a Documentalist/Librarian at the Kenya National Academy of Science. She is a former Honorary

Secretary of the Kenya Library Association and a founding member and Jury of its Maktaba Awards (Library of the Year Awards). A collaborator who is trained in Pedagogy, e-Learning and Information Science, Hellen has and

continues to share her cross-sectoral expertise and advocacy for ethics and literacy through partnerships in conference-hosting and continuous professional development workshops. She has previously partnered with UNESCO,

Intel Corporation, the Goethe-Institut, the Jomo Kenyatta Foundation, the African Network for Information Ethics, the Library Collective and Makerere University. She is a member of the UNESCO/IFAP Working Group on

Information Preservation; and the Innovation Society. She was currently appointed as the International Center for Information Ethics (ICIE) African Chapter Vice-Representative; and a member of the ICIE Advisory Committee.

Additionally, Hellen is a Joint Secretary of the International Association of Research Scholars (IARS) as well as a Managing Editor for the IARS Journal. She is a two-time (2020 & 2021) World Literacy Foundation Ambassador.

She is the founder of Literacy Impact – a community-based initiative that provides access to information services through her home library and an international cultural exchange program for children.


Collence Chisita is a researcher, editor, author and lecturer in Information Sciences.

He has been working with different local and international organizations including

LIASA, ZIMLA, LIAZ, AFLIA and IFLA. Chisita has presented papers at local and

international conferences including the 2019 ILDS (Interlending and Document

Supply) Conference in the Czech Republic. He has collaborated with other

researchers from the different IFLA Special interest groups on issues that affect

libraries in the modern era. Chisita has written journal articles, book chapters and

produced conference papers and participated and presented on webinars relating to

topical issues on libraries and related institutions and the emerging technologies

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