Project Applications

Project applications can be made to IFLA ALP for support to library associations, groups of libraries, or others who want to develop co-operation, knowledge and services within the special programme areas of ALP. Priority will be given to projects proposed by IFLA members (or organisations sponsored to join IFLA through a mentoring partnership) and projects using IFLA learning materials.

All projects should have the support of an appropriate institution or association, and an appropriate unit of IFLA (regional section, core activity or Management of Library Associations section) to implement the project.

All applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the relevant IFLA unit or regional office well before the closing date to get feedback on their proposal and ensure that their application is complete.

Projects supported by ALP

The types of projects that ALP supports include:

ALP projects:

  • Workshops and training activities, delivering IFLA’s policy-based learning materials (for example, workshop materials developed by FAIFE)
  • Workshops and training that can be repeated in other countries, where new learning materials may be developed based on ALP focal areas

Building Strong Library Associations country projects:

  • Longer-term capacity building activities and training designed to support library associations and the development of the sector in a country

Project application guidelines

ALP supports training and development projects in developing countries and emerging economies, with an emphasis on capacity building, and train-the-trainer or cascading delivery.

ALP does not support projects that are intended for the purchase of equipment, scholarships or in-service training. Reasonable trainer and participant expenses (flights, accommodation) are permitted in the budget. ALP does not pay fees to staff or consultants for a project.

There are two calls for project applications per year:

  1. Call for ALP projects
  2. Call for Building Strong Library Associations country projects

ALP projects are single-country projects, or projects involving a number of small countries within a region if feasible financially and practically.

Building Strong Library Associations country projects are single-country projects lasting up to two years, aimed at strengthening national associations. Eligible associations are located in countries represented by IFLA’s three regional sections.

All applicants for ALP projects are required to complete the relevant application form and provide the following information:

  • The need, specific goals and expected outcomes for the project
  • Contribution that the project will make towards achieving the goals in IFLA’s strategic plan
  • Capacity to carry out the project. A letter from the proposed host institution or library association outlining how they will support the project, description of facilities, and responsibility for financial payments and logistics should be attached to the application
  • Support for the project from relevant associations, organisations, IFLA units
  • Outline of how the library community will be invited to participate in the project, and plans for cascading training and activities
  • Outline of how the project will be promoted
  • How any new learning materials or translations created for the project will be made available to IFLA for use in other projects
  • A detailed budget
  • How the impact of the project will be evaluated

Sample project application

A sample project application is available to download. This is an application for a leadership training of trainers programme submitted by the Bulgarian Library and Information Association. The project was supported by IFLA ALP in 2011. The application is a good example of the background information that should be provided, detail required in the needs analysis and project activities, and a clear budget. The project outlines how the programme will meet specific training and development needs for librarians in the country, and plans for how the learning will be cascaded to other cities and librarians.

Sample ALP Small Project Application: Bulgarian training of trainers leadership programme (2011)
"Leadership for municipal public libraries: training of 12 trainers who will deliver a cascade training throughout the country", Bulgarian Library and Information Association

IFLA ALP thanks the Bulgarian Library and Information Association for giving permission to make their application available online.

ALP funds and timeline for projects

Information about funds available and timeline for new projects will be announced on the website during 2017. Library associations are also encouraged to:

  • Partner with other associations to seek funding, share resources, and form mentoring partnerships
  • Use the online platform and other BSLA resources freely available to members on IFLA’s website

Application forms

Application forms will be made available when project calls are announced. 

Submitting applications

All project applications should be submitted electronically (preferred), by fax or post by the closing date to the manager of the relevant regional office, with a copy to:

ALP Project Application
P.O. Box 95312
2509 CH The Hague, Netherlands

Tel. +(31)(70)3140884
Fax +(31)(70) 3834827

Contact details for IFLA's regional offices:

LDP (Library Development Programme), regions, projects, Latin America and the Caribbean, Development, Asia and Oceania, ALP, Africa

Last update: 17 February 2017