BSLA Country Project: Peru

BSLA country team Peru

BSLA country team Peru

About the Association

The Peruvian College of Librarians (CBP), is a professional body which responds to Government requirements for most professionals, which means, the requirement to have a professional degree (Licenciate) and be registered in a national body that represents the professional interests of the area. The Professional College was created in 1990 and represents all LIS professionals in the country. It has its national headquarters in Lima.

Project Goals

  • Inclusiveness: To coordinate CBP activities with other library associations in Peru to be more inclusive (achieving a more inclusive approach to activities and advocacy for the profession (including all library workers)
  • Profession and advocacy: To encourage library workers to pursue formal training to gain a LIS degree. To promote the value of professional librarians
  • Membership: To increase CBP membership, particularly active members. To encourage new and younger professionals to join CBP

The Colegio will become the focal point for all other library associations in Peru, coordinate activities, and lead the profession in Peru. They will collaborate with other library associations to increase activities and services for all library workers, and work to increase the standards and status of professional librarians.

Project Team

Doris Samanez, CBP, In-country facilitator, IFLA Latin America and Caribbean Section representative
Felipe Martinez, IFLA Division V Chair and Trainer
Ana Maria Talavera, CBP Dean (President), Trainer
Fiona Bradley, ALP Programme Coordinator, IFLA 

Members of the project team meet in Peru, June 2010

Peru, Latin America and the Caribbean, BSLA, ALP (Action for Development through Libraries Programme)

Last update: 15 December 2016