2012 Satellite Meeting in Warsaw

Bibliography in the digital age


9 August 2012


Biblioteka Narodowa, Warsaw, Poland


IFLA Bibliography Section and IFLA Cataloguing Section invite you to the joint satellite meeting Bibliography in the digital age (Registration deadline 30 June 2012!)

Conference Theme and Focus

IFLA Bibliography Section endorsed in 2009 the publication National Bibliographies in the Digital Age: Guidance and New Directions. (IFLA Series on Bibliographic Control; 39)

The publication was presented as follow:

"The changes brought about by the World Wide Web and the explosion of electronic media have called into question many of the assumptions on which national bibliographies have been founded. The need was growing of a route map to navigate through uncharted territories. After a preparation period of several years, IFLA's Bibliography Section endorsed this large set of guidelines. They seek to help national bibliographic agencies improve their bibliographic services."

The satellite meeting should be seen as a continuation of this publication and the purpose is to get status, inspiration and update on how to deal with e-resources in national bibliographies, when the mission is to serve as an important information resource for selection, acquisition, cataloguing and verification in libraries and for the general public as well as a means for scientific research and publication statistics.

The programme will comprise:

  • Bibliography in the digital age - guidelines and examples
  • National bibliographies around the world handling online materials - practices, challenges, plans, discussions

Among the speakers are for now: Aniko Dudás (Hungary), Marcin Roszkowski (Poland), Anna Sitarska (Poland), Neil Wilson (United Kingdom), Karin Kleiber (Austria), Hanne Hørl Hansen (Denmark), Tuula Haapamäki and Sinikka Luukkanen (Finland), Pat Riva (Canada) and Anke Meyer (Germany).

Moderator: Carsten H. Andersen (Chair, IFLA Bibliography Section)

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