ISBD Review Group


12 – 14 August 2010


Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre, Gothenburg



Thursday, 12 August 9:00-11:00 (Room G1)
 Saturday, 14 August 13:45-15:45 (Room F3)
Possibly Friday, 13 August 8:00-10:00 (Room G4)

Thursday, 12 August 9:00-11:00 (Room G1):  

1.  Welcome and introductions  (9:00-9:05)

2.  Agenda  (Escolano, 9:05-9:10)

3.  Announcements  (Escolano, 9:10-9:15)
3.1.  XML-ISBD Study Group meeting on Thursday, 12 August 16:00-18:00 (Room G1)
3.2.  ISBD Examples Study Group meeting on Friday, 13 August 8:00-10:00 (Room G4) (possibly ISBD RG mmeting)
3.3.  Cataloguing Section programme: Thursday, 12 August, 13:45-15:45
4.  Minutes of 2009 meetings in Milan  (Escolano, 9:15-9:20)

5.  Finances (Escolano, 9:20-9:30)

6.  Reports (9:30-?)
6.1.  XML-ISBD Study Group (Willer)
6.2.  ISBD Examples Publication Study Group (Mc Garry)

Saturday, 14 August 13:45-15:45 (Room F3)

7.  WWR comments Revision organization:
7.1.  Extra meeting possibility; wiki work; participation of consulting members?;
7.2.  Decision on comments coming from WWR that had been already decided by ISBD Review Group: as not to use FRBR terminology, etc.

8.  Revise the time-line for the ISBD publication (wiki information)

9.  Reports on meetings:
9.1.  Reports: XML-ISBD Study Group (Willer)
9.2.  ISBD Editor (Hostage)

10.  Online publication

11.  Email question possibility of an ISBD mailing list or distribution list (email from Moghaddas 07/26)

Technical issues:

12.  ISSN answer on title page for serials (email from Pellegrin May 13)

13.  Inclusion of non published resources in ISBD (Massimo Gentilli-Tedeschi 10 min.)

14.  Area 0 comments

15.   Preferred and prescribed sources of information comments

16. How will we continue in the future and create a good relationship between the ISBD and RDA "communities" and to ISBD and RDA to move closer to each other (T. Haapämaki)


Meeting, ISBD (International Standard Bibliographic Description), Cataloguing, Sweden

Last update: 4 October 2012