ISBD/XML Study Group


25 August 2009


Fiera Milano Convention Centre, Milan, Italy


The ISBD/XML Study Group will meet on Tuesday during the IFLA conference.

Tuesday, 26 August - 15.00-16.30 - MR Turquoise 2

Please note that UNIMARC Session, in which G. Dunsire & M. Willer will have their presentations, finishes at 15.45, after which the meeting can begin;  if possible, please join the session for G. Dunsire’s presentation.


1. Welcome and introductions (5’)

2. Agenda (5’)

3. Project Development of ISBDXML Schema: Report (Willer) (5’)

4. Vocabulary Mapping Framework and ISBD: Report to the ISBD/XML Task Group, World Library and Information Congress 2009, Milan, Italy: Recommendation & IFLA namespaces (Dunsire) (10’)

5. Vocabulary Mapping Framework and ISBD: discussion and decision on actions (20’)

6. Any other business

7. Adjournment

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