ISBD/XML Study Group meeting


25 February 2011


National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh


Draft Agenda

  1.  Opening of the meeting, apologies and adoption of the agenda
  2.  Revision of registered elements and definitions following approved ISBD
  3.  Application Profile: issues of repeatability and punctuation
  4.  Approval and publishing the RDF elements and the AP: scheduling
  5.  Treatment of translations in Open Metadata Registry (Spanish, Croatian, etc.)
  6.  Registration of some or all of the "standard" Area 0 aggregated statements in the namespace
  7.  UNIMARC formats and ISBD and RDF: preliminary discussions
  8.  Any other business

Meeting, ISBD (International Standard Bibliographic Description), United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Last update: 4 October 2012