Latin America

Open Access Actions in Latin America and the Caribbean

Prior to carrying out a survey, it was important to analyze the Open Access status in different Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) countries and also to identify groups and individuals doing Open Access Advocacy in the countries.

Regarding the Open Access status in different countries, the results are presented as annexes to this study. Four countries with a large number of Open Access resources, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Mexico were identified. This situation is as a result of economic, educational, social and cultural issues. In these countries it is necessary to take actions for strengthening Open Access led by LAC library associations in collaboration with IFLA LAC and the Regional Office.

Advocacy groups were identified in the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, El Salvador and OA LAC. These groups are actively involved in organizing conferences, workshops and panel discussions to promote Open Access during the World Open Access Week (LINK),. The groups that were identified are:

Argentina: 9 members; Brazil: 5 members; Colombia: 3 members; Mexico: 9 members; Peru: 2 members; Puerto Rico: 5 members; El Salvador: 1 member; OA Latinoamerica: 34 members

The next step will be to carry out a survey among LAC Library Associations, particularly among Central America countries to know more about the situation, challenges, opportunities and the actions that need to be developed to improve the current state.

Jorge Ruiz Vaca

Last update: 1 August 2014

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