10 December 2012

Project Report: Information Literacy for Public Librarians, Peru


Peru is a country that in recent years has been able to achieve economic stability in the region of South America. However there are still major differences in the level of education across different regions of the country. Due to economic and political factors in the 1990s, the country stagnated and educational policies were not strong. The country is now improving gradually and economically but development is not reaching every city and region evenly. The mountain and jungle areas have fewer resources than the coastal zone.

Twelve people from the interior of the country participated in the workshop. Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano (ICPNA) hosted the project with support from IFLA’s Action for Development through Libraries Programme (ALP).

The main purpose of this workshop was for participants to develop skills to be competent in information literacy, and to be trainers in the communities where they work to replicate the materials.

Participants were from public, state university, and community libraries. The workshop was led by Guadalupe Vega (Mexico).


Project objectives:

  1. Train participants in information literacy
  2. Develop skills to evaluate information resources
  3. Develop trainers to return to train others in their own communities

After the workshop, participants left trained to search for accurate, timely information. They also developed a series of strategies to become trainers of others who have the same needs.

They left with a mental map of how to face an information need: formulate, clarify, organize and search topic, seek information, evaluate if relevant, synthesize, and know how to respect the hierarchy of information producers.

Project Activities

Workshop on Information Literacy for Public Librarians, Lima Peru 11-12 June 2012

Project highlight

One participant was from a ranch, Granja Porcon in Cajamarca. The ranch is in a rural area, and has schools for primary and secondary level. Students at the ranch participate in different farm chores, and use the Internet to obtain important data for marketing their agricultural products such as commodity prices, inputs, and also where products can be sold.

Project report submitted by:
Doris Agurto
Project coordinator
ICPNA, Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano

LDP (Library Development Programme), Information literacy, Peru

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