30 August 2018

Clare O'Hanlon's Video Now Available!

By Rachel Wexelbaum

You can now view Clare O’Hanlon’s presentation, “A continuum of LGBTIQA+ community engagement in libraries: From collections and cataloguing to book displays, bathrooms and beyond” here:


Clare has given her permission to share this video for professional development purposes provided that she is credited for her work.

Thank you Clare!Clare O'Hanlon smiling white person with glasses, short light brown hair, rainbow tie, dark jacket with yellow collar

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer/Questioning Users (LGBTQ), Access to information, Access to knowledge, accessibility, Acquisitions, Advocacy, bibliotherapy, Cataloguing, Collection development, Collections, Disadvantaged people, Freedom of expression, Freedom of information, Freedom to read, Human rights, LGBTQ Users SIG, Marginalized, Minorities, Outreach, Reading, Reference services, Resource discovery, Services, Social inclusion, Women’s issues, Young adults, Australia, Malaysia, LGBTQ library resources, LGBTQ library services. LGBTQ library programming, LGBTQ library outreach

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