LIS Education in Developing Countries Satellite Meeting

The Future of LIS Education in Developing Countries: The Road Ahead


14 August 2013


Nanyang Technological University, Singapore



The LIS Education for Developing Countries Satellite Meeting in Singapore on August 14 is the 3rd event of its kind and will be organized at Nanyang Executive Centre (NEC), Nanyang Technological University.

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Primary aim

The primary aim of this satellite meeting is to give an opportunity for established leaders of LIS education in developing countries to discuss issues of significant in LIS education. To design high quality LIS education that will serve the library and information services for the 21st century. 

Main objectives

  • Prepare a vision document on LIS Education in Developing Countries;
  • Identify areas of mutual collaboration;
  • Discuss about developing course materials relevant to teaching LIS education in developing countries.

Papers will focus on

  • The Future of LIS Education in Developing Countries
  • LIS Education in Africa
  • LIS Education in Asia and Oceania
  • LIS Education in Latin America and the Caribbean

Expected outcomes

The outcomes will provide an action plan for the development of LIS education in developing countries in the area of curriculum development, faculty and student recruitment, and LIS education leadership, improvement of LIS programs, and future collaboration and networking.  


Nanyang Executive Centre (NEC)
NEC Lecture Room 1
Nanyang Technological University
60 Nanyang View
Singapore – 639673


Transportation will be provided from the convention center to Nanyang Technological University at 8:00 AM.


Dr. Ismail Abdullahi,

Satellite Meeting, LIS Education in Developing Countries, Singapore

Last update: 3 May 2013