2014 IFLA Preservation and Conservation Satellite Meeting

Cultural heritage in the digital Age


13 – 14 August 2014


Geneva, Switzerland



Society without Memory is a society without present or future

The concept of cultural heritage has multiple dimensions unsuspected and unexpected in the digital age. While it may have appeared as outdated, backward-looking, moribund, today its pertinence is renewed and underlined through the natural and man-made disasters that are frequently in the news. More than ever, we see that cultural heritage is essential in our digital society: we need to preserve our memory, to provide access to information for future times, defend rights (including copyright), and make collections in paper or electronic form sustainable in the long term.

Another dimension of cultural heritage is its global aspect: all peoples and all nations are now aware of the fragility of our world and wish to preserve the culture and the history of mankind for future generations. Digital technology – while certainly still in need of improvement and not providing a solution to everything but exploring some interesting avenues - represents a chance for the preservation of human history.

The Satellite Meeting is organized by IFLA’s Preservation and Conservation Section (P&C) on August 13th and 14th 2014 in Geneva, before the annual and general IFLA Conference in Lyon, which will be held under the auspices of the Geneva Library Association (AGBD), Association for International Librarians in Geneva (AILIS) and the School for Information Sciences in Geneva (HEG), wants to reflect the most current and up-to-date issues of "Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age", taking into account the aspects mentioned above. It will be a place for exchange and idea sharing between Swiss and information professionals from around the world.

For completed program and papers see the Geneva 2014 Satellite meeting

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