IFLA ILP: Project 4: Libraries as Agents for Development (Project Report)

Year 1 Project Report, 2013
IFLA International Leaders Programme

Project Team Members:
Jeremy Lachal, France
Irina Trushina, Russia
Zola Maddison, USA
Dina Youssef, Egypt
Kgomotso Radijeng, Botswana
Sarah Kaddu, Uganda

Helena Asamoah-Hassan, Ghana
Winnie Vitzansky, Denmark

Project Description

Libraries make an important contribution to development. Literacy, agriculture, civic participation, and health all benefit from equitable access to information and skilled information professionals. However, libraries are often overlooked in the development policy space as partners to deliver development objectives such as the MDGs or the WSIS Action lines. IFLA works at the international level through a number of established platforms including WSIS and the IGF, to encourage policymakers to include libraries in their development programmes as mechanisms for inclusion and access to information.

Original Project Objectives

The original Project Objectives were to:

  • Develop a deep knowledge of the role of libraries in achieving development outcomes including literacy, agriculture, civic participation, health
  • Enhance understanding of the role of libraries in the WSIS, ICT4D, MDGs, IGF processes and other international initiatives
  • Gain experience in preparing research briefings and interventions
  • Be able to deliver a proposed Libraries and Development training module in-country/in-region with the support of the project group

Revised Project Description

In 2013, The group decided to split into smaller groups that work parallel on the different platforms.

  1. Internet Governance Forum Formulate a Checklist with all necessary information on the IGF such as the following:
    • Key talking points of the IGF
    • How to prepare for an IGF meeting
    • Benefits of attending an IGF meeting
    • Things of attraction to policy makers
    • Target groups at the IGF
  2. For the WSIS and MDGs: The group needs a framework for developing success stories

  3. Work on strengthening the Building Strong Library Associations programme (BSLA) in our own countries.

  4. Participate in a session during WLIC 2013 in Singapore


  1. Produced a two page (2-page) overview in preparation for the 7th Annual IGF meeting in Baku (whole group)
  2. Produced a brief report of participant from Leaders’ Program on 7th Global IGF in Baku [PDF] (Irina Trushina)
  3. Produced a WSIS brief
  4. Produced a brief on IGF in Cairo (Dina Youssef)
  5. Produced a write up on MDGs (whole group)
  6. Presented to the IFLA/OCLC Fellows 2013 on IFLA Leaders programme and particularly on Project 4 at the Hague, Netherlands, April 2013 (Sarah Kaddu)
  7. A draft curriculum on libraries and development was created, and pilots of the curriculum have been delivered in South Africa for the Gates Foundation’s Global Libraries Peer Learning Meeting in April, 2013 and in the U.S. for the a cohort of Russian librarians visiting the Mortensen Center in July, 2013. Another pilot will be delivered at IFLA 2013 (Zola Maddison)
  8. Distributed IGF information via Russian Library Association networks, took part in Internet governance federal legislation formation in Russia and lobbying of library interests (Irina Trushina)
  9. Made contact with the Internet Governance Committee in Botswana for introduction. The committee is not active and has had only one meeting since September last year. However, they have included Kgomotso in their mailing list to inform her of any developments taking place in the committee. (Kgomotso Radijeng)

Thoughts and Plans for Year 2:

  • Deliver a program for WLIC 2014.
  • Generate interaction during the session at WLIC 2014
  • Provide and encourage critical debate at WLIC 2014
  • Highlight successful stories at international platforms: WSIS, IGF, UNESCO

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Last update: 27 September 2018