22 October 2014

Call for Papers - Learning across boundaries: a workshop

By Jan Richards

The session will be developed as an Idea Café (Workshop?). Although the planning team is interested in a broad range of concepts, preference will be given to papers that reflect one or more of the following themes:

  1. Diversity and Inclusion: Creating an effective learning and working environment for people from other cultures and people at risk with a focus on customers’ colleagues.
  2. Cross Border Collaboration or Exchange: Facilitating global partnerships to support projects and or ongoing work
  3. Cross Sector Collaboration: Facilitating strong relationships with different types of libraries
  4. Engaging staff : Creating rich learning and development opportunities for the wide spectrum of staff employed in 21st century libraries – both professional and non-professional. 
  5. New Roles: Preparing the next generation of staff and managers for new skills and competencies

One spot is available for an emerging author who requires mentorship.

Proposals should be sent before 22 November 2014 via email to ifla@orange.nsw.gov.au.

Further information is available here.

Public Libraries, Communities of practice, South Africa

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