Global Media and Information Literacy Week 2020

Media and Information Literacy By Everyone and For Everyone


24 – 31 October 2020



IFLA will be represented by the IFLA President, Christine Mackenzie, and Claire McGuire, Policy and Research Officer


This year's Global Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Week will be the first following its recognition as an official UNESCO event. Taking place online, it will focus both on the renewed understanding of the importance of MIL in resisting disinformation, and more broadly as a part of enabling everyone in a digital world.

An ambitious programme will engage a wide variety of stakeholders, including many from the library world, underlining the contribution that our institutions make to promoting information literacy. 

In particular, IFLA's President, Christine Mackenzie, will take part in a session on Thursday 29 October, looking forward to the new MIL 2.0 Alliance, a relaunch of the Global Alliance of Partnerships for Media and Information Literacy.

Find out more about the events on the Global MIL Week website

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Last update: 26 October 2020