How to Spot Fake News – COVID-19 Edition

How to Spot Fake News - COVID-19 EditionWith fighting misinformation around COVID-19 a key part of the overall response to the pandemic, libraries have the reputation and the skills to make an important contribution.

IFLA has produced a COVID-19 edition of our popular How To Spot Fake News infographic, with a stronger focus on some of the issues encountered around the pandemic – especially the need to check with other sources – and recognition of the fact that much news today spreads through conversations on social media.

We hope it proves useful for you in your efforts to help promote media and information literacy, and to stop the spread of the virus.

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If you would like to translate the infographic into your language, please contact us.

Please note that while the infographic as a whole is subject to a CC-BY 4.0 licence, individual icons may only used separately in line with the terms of the licence for Flaticon.

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Last update: 18 June 2021