Strategic Plan 2016-2021

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IFLA Strategic Plan 2016-2021

IFLA Strategic Plan 2016-2021This strategic plan sets out IFLA's strategic directions and goals for 2016-2021. It aims to guide the governance and activities of the IFLA organisation.

For 2016-2021, the IFLA Governing Board has set out four Strategic Directions:

  • Libraries in Society
  • Information and Knowledge
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Capacity Building

The four Strategic Directions of our Plan will be progressed through a set of Key Initiatives and Activities.

The Key Initiatives and their Activities will be driven by IFLA’s Governing Board through advisory and steering groups comprised of representatives within our membership, professional units, policy and programme advisory bodies, regional offices and language centres, and partners, working closely with expert IFLA staff.  IFLA’s  professional units will capitalise on their expertise to undertake additional projects that support the Key Initiatives.

Strategy supported by strong governance

IFLA’s strategic directions are supported by strong governance, evidence-based practice and research, and robust policies and standards.

View Online or download

The Strategic Plan is available in English in a web version that includes regular updates on key actions and also as the original version for download in PDF in all seven IFLA languages.

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Last update: 25 August 2019